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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wedding Fierce: Ms.Chelsea Clinton to Mrs. Chelsea Mezvinsky!

Photography by Genevieve de Manio

By Briana Booker

If Chelsea Clinton wedding her longtime boyfriend and investment banker,Marc Mezvinsky, at a lovely estate in a Hudson River village does not scream wedding fierce, I do not know what does! Chelsea looked absolutely stunning!

The wedding site was at Astor Courts, a beaux arts riverside estate in the small village of Rhinebeck, 90 miles  north of New york city! Private event but still a wonderful event all in all! Family and close friends should be what weddings are all about! But let us discuss Chelsea's fierce wedding gown!

Chelsea's  Fabulous gown

Chelsea's gown is beyond amazing! The bride decided to wear a strapless white gown with a full skirt that was embroider with silver beading around the waist! She carried a bouquet of white flowers. This  is an wonderful attire for a summer wedding! The mother of the bride, wore a fuchsia dress that really allowed the bride's dress to glow! It is believed that the gown was designed by fashion designer Vera Wang.

The Ceremony
The saturday wedding had warm  temperatures and blue skies. The ceremony was conducted by a rabbi and a reverend because Chelsea is Methodist and Mezvinsky is Jewish. The poem " The Life That I have," by Leo Marks was recited.

How they met
Chelsea and Mezvinsky were friends as teenagers in Washington. During their college years both attended Stanford University. They now live in New York, where Mezvinsky works at G3 Capital, a Manhattan hedge fund.

Recently this year, Chelsea completed her master's degree at Columbia University.

 No word yet on where the newly married couple plans to honeymoon. But, we hope only the best comes to their newly united lives! Congrats Mr.  and Mrs. Mezvinsky!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First steps to planning a fabulous Knot: Wedding fierce means organizing!

Hello everyone! Obviously you are here because you are either planning your wedding or helping a friend or loved one plan a wedding! It is an exciting time! Most couples dream of the big day,but how do you allow your big day to be one that is classy,yet memorable?

It all starts with organization! The more time you make to manage the big day and your budget best, your day will be very memorable and very fierce! We at Fromgirltogirl like to call this mission Wedding Fierce! Sounds fabulous, right?

Not only does it sound fabulous,but it can be fabulous! We will give you the hottest trends of your wedding season, find the best tips and savings to help you through the highs and lows of planning your big day and your future!

This first post marks our mission! Before we get stuck in a daze with our heads in the clouds running wild with our circus minds, let us get down to business! Grab a pen, pencil, paper or your laptop!

Below are the basics needed to get organized!

1. A note book.  This is crucial to keep a log of everything you want, need and compare it with reality.
Make a page for each of the following categories:

Find Gowns.Find Tuxedos.Find Accessories.Find Jewelry.Find Articles.Find Invitations.Find Vendors.Find Supplies.Find Honeymoons.Find China.Find Ideas.Find Posts.

2. Estimate your budget.  What is the number of guests? Out of these guests whom are most likely to be attendants? How much will bride accessories cost? How much will hair and make up cost? What about food and services? What about beverages and bartending? Reception revenue and rentals?

It is better to estimate cost of what you really want to be part of your wedding versus trying to get everything you have dreamed your wedding would be growing up! You will thank us later for this advice!

3. Discuss the date. Save it. Make it known to your guests! Since the internet is becoming more publicly available,we recommend e-invitation cards! You can connect these to your online social networks and emails! It is easy. Creative. And helps with budgeting!

For more elderly guests, we recommend the actual invitation post cards! We will explain in later posts about this!

4. Think of making your own wedding website! It is a great way to show off your  final wedding production and also displaying, through a  personal diary all the hard work you have invested in your big day! Your guest and you will appreciate it!

5. Think of where you want your registry to be in place! You can choose more than one! This is the fun part! You will make your guest ideas for gifts for you much easier when you do these and send them off with invitations! Once again, technology makes this an easy and exciting task!
6. Make a sketch of your dreams.  You do not have to be a top notch artist. You  can make stick figures if you must, but start think of what your perfect dress, cake, bridal gowns, and flower arrangements will look like! Think of scenery as well! This will help you stay in budget and still get what you want!

7. Breathe! Everything will be okay! We do not need bridezilla moments to happen! To be fierce is to stay classy! Take a break once in awhile. Get some fresh air!

Our next post will be on advice from people who have already been there and done that, as well as great tips!

p.s- Do not forget to email us at ! You can send us questions about what you need or want to know! We will find out answers for you and be with you every step of the way  for your wedding planning! Exciting things await! For starters, check out this Bridal Bargains book below!